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Welcome to Transproject

Transproject is an international consulting and contracting company, providing engineering, construction and financing services, and contracting different projects, all in the environment of hydropower and other renewable(wind and solar) powers, power transmission, irrigation, drainage, water supply, waste water, water purification, transportation, harbors, architecture and mining. In its offices in Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East, the Transproject’s team is composed by experts with experience all around the world. This experience was obtained principally in Nonaligned countries, during more than 4 decades, through some European countries and principally through Yugoslavia and Serbia, leaders of the Nonaligned countries, which represents 2/3 part of the world (Latin America, Asia and Africa), where hydro and other resources have been and still are widely available and infrastructure and architecture requires a lot of construction. Transproject also invest in the mentioned construction industry projects.